Company Departments

Xpress Technologiesoperates five departments, each with its own team of professionals who operate it on an ongoing basis. These departments include:
  • The Sales Department – Accompanies customers through all stages of sale - from initial interest, service characterization to final sale. All services are provided in a reliable, professional and quality manner.
  • The Service Department - Provides assistance, problem-solving and troubleshooting services to existing customers, routine technical services at customer sites, assembly and installation of equipment, and solving of hardware / software related problems.
  • The Installation Department – Includes a number of professional installation teams that specialize in setting up, installation and operation of all systems supplied by the company.
  • The Development Department - Provides a range of software solutions for mobile applications, web sites, CRM and ERP systems, customer clubs, email marketing and e-commerce management, cloud-based IP exchanges, private cloud-based services, virtual servers, CRM and ERP cloud services, system and data security services, backup and disaster recovery services, and of course – a comprehensive range of customer-tailored solutions.
  • The Operations and Logistics Department – Manages all activities related to purchasing, equipment, transportation, storage and logistics.
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