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Xpress Technologies, which was founded in 2001, is engaged in the provision of services and solutions in the IT and computer industry. Over time, the company has gained priceless reputation and extensive experience in a wide range of services from which its customers benefit.

Today, the Xpress Group is a leading provider of solutions for IT, communication infrastructures, software-based security and protection systems, hardware, communication and integration, and this in addition to outsourcing of services in each of these fields. The company also provides operation and maintenance services for computer equipment and communications systems. It is by such diverse range of services, combined with the rich experience we offer, that the company has gained an advantage in management of complex projects involving technology, IT and logistics, enabling it to combine multiple fields of expertise within company divisions for obtainment of an optimal solution.

At present, Xpress Technologies services a broad customer base including hundreds of customers from all business and public sectors, including government agencies, financial institutions, infrastructure companies, communications and telecommunications companies, local municipalities, retail, industry and high-tech.

Xpress Technologies is divided into four Divisions, each specializing in provision of comprehensive solutions for technology solutions in its own field of expertise:
  • Xpress IT Division
  • Xpress Computing Division
  • Xpress Infrastructure and Communications Division
  • Xpress Security and Protection Division
C&I Division

Protection Division

IT Division

Computing Division

Our divisions

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