Company Services

Xpress Technologies offers a wide range of technological services and solutions that are tailored for specific customer requirements. Among such services are the following:
  • Tailored IT solutions based on specific customer needs.
  • Provision of technical training, consulting and support.
  • Annual service contracts for offices and organizations.
  • Installation and maintenance of computer networks.
  • Upgrading and optimization of existing systems.
  • Installation of communication infrastructures, optic infrastructures, unified infrastructures, telephony infrastructures, low voltage and control infrastructures and wireless infrastructures.
  • Telephony, analogue, digital and IP exchanges for remote branch offices.
  • CCTV and VMD systems.
  • Intrusion defense systems (IDS)
  • Fire and smoke detection systems.
  • Access control systems.
  • Intercom systems.
  • Public addressing systems.
  • Telephone exchanges.
  • Tailored, customer-specific internet, website construction and software programing services.
  • Hosting and cloud services.
  • Backup and disaster recovery services.
  • Development of mobile applications.
  • Development of CRM systems
  • Email and e-commerce management systems.
  • Virtual servers.
  • System services and information security services.
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