Control and Low Voltage Infrastructures

Installation of communications, control and low voltage infrastructures involves far more than simply stretching cables from one point to the next. Such infrastructures are highly complex assemblies that involve short and long term planning of the organization's infrastructure deployment, deep understanding of customer needs, customization of infrastructures for optimal performance and fulfillment of customer needs and expectations, in scalable architecture for support of future growth, on-site installation of infrastructure in a manner that is both aesthetic and provides proper protection against accidental or intentional damage, and finally, assumption of liability for integrity of all infrastructures installed at the customer site for a period of several years.

The company began developing this field of activity after receiving several customer requests for a comprehensive solution that would be suitable for all types of telecommunications and information security projects. At the day's end, it matters not what type of Backbone you've installed, but how you connect it to the existing cabling of floors, servers and stations in order to get the most of the main switch, so that the network is able to meet the organization's needs, with high data transfer bit-rate, in a manner that conforms to accepted industry standards.

Our services include:
  • Execution of small / medium / large projects.
  • High availability of services including 24-hour support in a range of plans: turnkey / fixed price projects and ongoing maintenance by service call, framework Agreement, or annual / monthly retainer.
  • Rapid response at short notice for any commercial company or project size - from installation of a small number of points to large networks involving hundreds of points.
  • A service laboratory for detection, testing and repair of faulty equipment. In addition, the company maintains a spare parts warehouse offering a wide range of services, such that if necessary, it is possible to replace faulty parts at the customer site 24-hours a day or by the end of the business day, depending on the customer's service plan

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