DataCenter and Cloud Services

Xpress Technologies provides virtualization services on different platforms to meet specific customer needs (e.g VMware and KVM-XEN—HYPERV).

The Company offers a wide range of cloud services:
  • DaaS - Desktop as a Service – Full desktop services for organizations, free of  hardware costs or concerns for operating costs of backup, data security, personnel or IT. The service is available worldwide and employs data compression technologies for improved quality of connection to the virtual service in a secure and reliable manner.
  • TaaS - Telephony as a Service – A comprehensive telephony service that is suitable for all organization sizes, from a small number of stations to large-scale service centers with multiple global locations. Our Taas services include: VR voice menus, full call recording service, time-based routing, conference calls and virtual conference rooms, multi-language support, voice mail and audio email messaging, full statistics, customized reports according to specific organization requirements, full CTI service (Computer Telephony Integration) for organizations, including full synchronization between representative stations, switchboards, and other computer systems within the organization (such as CRM and ERP software), virtual call-queue support, distribution based on organizational needs, entry of representatives into selected queues or multiple queues via CTI, dedicated CTI for company executives and shift managers in monitoring activity of representatives, ability to listen in on calls for quality assurance purposes in center to the needs and quality assurance center, call cannons for improvement of sales center performance and support of multiple encodings for support of extra-slow or otherwise problematic networks and internet infrastructures.
  • COaaS - Collaboration as a Service – Full services for companies relying on teamwork. Xpress Technologies offers several solutions in form of a Global Cloud, service - such as GC-CRM which includes a module for sending content, messages, files and tasks within the organization, as well as various Microsoft solutions such as MS EXCHANGE, SKYPE, MS FOR BUSSINESS.
  • PaaS - Platform as a Service – Supply and installation of cloud-based .NET, JAVA, PHP, PERL, PYTHON, RUBY development environments for development teams.
  • Infrastructure as a Service – Operation of full Data Center services on our cloud, including support for a wide range of solutions for virtual infrastructures or cloud by VMWARE XEN and Microsoft. Why spend a fortune on design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of network servers within your organization, with added expense for cost of power, air conditioning, security and backup, when it is possible to obtain our flexible solutions at a monthly fee, with full scalability for growing needs of the organization.
  • IT as a Service – Save considerable operating costs of IT personnel by purchasing a comprehensive IT service package for your organization.
  • Software as a Service – Provision of comprehensive software services starting from full MS office support, sale points, email services and CRM / ERP software at low cost.

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