Fire and Smoke Detection Systems

Xpress Technologies provides design, installation and maintenance services for advanced and highly efficient fire detection systems in high rise buildings, office buildings, institutions, factories and industrial buildings. All systems are installed in full compliance with “Standards Institute of Israel” and “National Authority for Fire and Rescue” requirements. Fire and smoke detection systems play a key role in detection of fire or smoke and in management of subsystems such as smoke release systems, lowering of elevators, shutting down of air conditioning systems, etc. Our systems issue warning by activating multiple alarm mechanisms and fire extinguishing systems.

 When it comes to fire detection system, our company offers its customers numerous advantages:
  • Characterization, design and installation of fire detection systems.
  • Multiple systems with UL standards seal and SII compliance.
  • Work in accordance with SI 1220 - Part 3.
  • Execution of installation quality tests by the “Standards Institute of Israel”.
  • Work with professionals who are qualified by the relevant system manufacturers.
  • Installation of automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems in computer rooms and electrical panels, all in accordance with ULI NFPA 2001 standard requirements.
 Our Maintenance Services Include:
  • Maintenance of fire and smoke detection systems.
  • Execution of work in accordance with Israeli Standard SI 1220 Part 11 requirements and manufacturer instructions.
  • Documentation of test results.
  • Computerized storage of test results in sites that undergo inspection and maintenance.
  • Execution of periodic inspections.
  • All maintenance works are carried out by trained professionals.

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