Optic Infrastructures

The technological environment in which present-day organizations operate involves the transfer of vast amounts of information across enterprise communications infrastructures and data centers. This information technology revolution significantly improved the ability of organizations to operate, but required constant redesign and adjustment in terms of infrastructure and technology, such that they are able to fulfill the corporate needs and abilities at the forefront of technology. As a result, the field of optical communications has enjoyed significant growth on both organizational and national levels and is now the most common and most appropriate type of communications infrastructure in use.

The company's Fiber Optics Department provides customers with a comprehensive service package – from early design to final testing and documentation. As company customers, your organization is able to enjoy high-availability of fibers at our company warehouse, a mobile optic communications car, testing equipment, advanced optical soldering, indoor and outdoor installation of fiber optic cables, single-mode and multi-mode fibers, fiber welding, connection of fibers by adhesion, execution of fiber closures and execution of fiber tests using attenuation and/or OTDR devices.

Xpress Technologies markets a wide range of fiber optic infrastructure products, but is also happy to provide a range of communications products for optical fiber networks, from Ethernet, Video, and RS2422/485 interface converters and various SFP components for different bit-rates, to multi-terminal optical switches that are suitable for a wide range of work environments.

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