Wireless Infrastructures

The use of wireless networks is suitable for both private and corporate use. Wireless networks are easy to operate and provide users with easy internet connectivity without unnecessary complications of cables and other means. Xpress Technologies offers a wide range of professional wireless network solutions to both the business and industry sectors, with emphasis on provision and implementation of quality and creative solutions in customer sites. There are several types of wireless networks available for installation, depending on specific needs of the organization, each offering a slightly different solution for connectivity, but ultimately, they all fulfill the same need. Today, the market is full of options and customers are able to choose network size, reception range, number of users and so forth.

Xpress Technologies provides integrated Wi-Fi solutions that combine different technologies for different needs:
  • P2P Solutions – Installation of wireless network links between buildings for reliable transfer of information between companies and obtainment of fixed bandwidth for work with wireless units that transmit encrypted information between them.
  • Connectivity Solutions for Buildings - Controller integrated wireless units and deployment of wireless units in a controlled manner, with emphasis on management of users by region, management of bandwidth for QOS (Quality of Service), content management for surfing, limiting hours of operation and management of information portals and user numbers.
  • Connectivity Solutions for Terminals – Installation of wireless networks in large factories, distribution companies, transportation companies, and companies that place equipment in outdoor areas, installation of amplified wireless units, establishment of wireless communication between company servers in encrypted form (Radius / WPA2 / Pre-shared key), and work with terminals in and outside the factory complex.
  • Free Wi-Fi Solutions - Provision of wireless solutions for installation of free internet service for all visitors. This raises customer awareness for service provided and increases chances of customers returning once again.
  • Inherently, wireless networks transmit digital information across the public domain. As a result, there are concerns regarding the security of information transmitted across such networks. Accordingly, all systems installed by Xpress Technologies are installed in utmost care, taking all necessary precautions into account, using the very best security and encryption solutions from around the world, such that we are able to ensure all of the information transmitted over the wireless network is available to its designated recipient only.

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